# Webhook

# Introduction

When we created content type we could config webhook into it.

In this section we will walkthrough the webhook process.

# Webhook Configuration

This section will show all configuration for webhook which attached to content types.

Webhook Configuration Screen

We could view configuration when we click view button.

Webhook Configuration View_Screen

We can also edit the webhook by clicking edit button.

Webhook Configuration Edit_Screen

And we can delete webhook config which we don't want anymore by clicking delete button.

Webhook Configuration Delete_Screen

# Webhook Recovery Process

# Introduction

When webhook process things that configure in webhook configuration. Sometimes it might not be succeed due to many reasons such as server error, incorrect endpoint etc. We can recover this scenario by doing the recovery process.

Here is the step to use recovery process.

# Prerequisite (Do this before using webhook)

  1. Configure client which must have scope [cms.ct.*], key same exactly like this, group name webhook, and we have to do this in globle which means not depends on specific project.

Webhook Recovery Client_Configuration

Webhook Recovery Client_Id_Configuration

Webhook Recovery Client_Secret_Configuration

Webhook Recovery Client_Information

Webhook Recovery Client_Information_Detail

  1. Webhook Client must have scope [recovery.w]

Webhook Recovery Webhook_Client_Detail

  1. Create Recovery Content Type in project by clicking Initialize Recovery Button.

Webhook Recovery Content_Type_First

And it will become like this which means recovery content type have been created.

Webhook Recovery Content_Type_Second

  1. Configure failedEndpoint to webhook

failedEndpoint to save recovery hook is : {url}/bifrost/api/webhook/projects/{projectId}/webhook-recoveries

Webhook Recovery Failed_Endpoint

# Flow of recovery process

  1. Webhook which process failed will be shown here in WAITING status.

Webhook Recovery List

  1. We can recover webhook which failed by clicking action then clicking Recover.

Webhook Recovery List_Recover

  1. Once it recovered the status of it will change to REPROCESSED.

Webhook Recovery List_Reprocessed

  1. Or we can ignore it by clicking Ignore and the status will change to IGNORED.

Webhook Recovery List_Ignored

Webhook Recovery List_Ignored_Status

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