# Consent

# Introduction

Consent and consent acceptance are types of the content, designed to store the consent and consent acceptance information.

  1. After content type of Consent and Consent Acceptance get initialized, you will see the list of them in content types table. content types of consent

  2. Click into weomni-consent-acceptance-v1 and then click the right-top button to create a new content of Consent Acceptance. create a consent acceptance

  3. Fill in all required attributes and click save. save a consent acceptance

On the sidebar, when you click Acceptance under Consent it will show the list of all consent acceptance in the project. list of consent acceptance

You can also filter the list by Data Subject, Consent Id, Application and Status filtering of consent acceptance

By default the consent acceptance are ordered by acceptance date ascending ( start from the earliest to the latest), by toggle the column header you can also change the ordering column to withdrawal date in ascending or descending order. sorting of consent acceptance

Last Updated: 8/25/2020, 7:35:21 AM